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Selecting Among Continuing Education Opportunities

Professionals, practitioners, and executives in any industry are presented with many opportunities to continue with education each year. There are dozens of seminars, conferences, workshops, and summits from which to choose. These are offered locally, regionally, and nationally. They can last one day to one week and vary in scope and organization. Selecting the right one(s) to attend can be overwhelming.

The Budget

One factor to be considered is the budget allowed for staff development and training. Whether to send a few people to a local conference, or one key professional or executive to a national summit will have to be decided upon. There may be people who need to have certification updated. Training costs may be higher than anticipated due to high turnover of direct care staff. This conundrum is a challenge in the healthcare industry where shortage of nurses and very high turnover are constant problems.

Try Something Else

It is easy to get into the rut of sending employees to the same conference year after year. Some end up being no more than a few workshops, dozens of vendors, and popular excursions during free time. Take a close look at the quality of the agenda, speakers, and focus of the conference or seminar before simply renewing space for a few new attendees. Seek information about new opportunities and select something different.


The best way to select a conference or summit is to find one that aligns with the goals of the practice or facility. What is lacking? Where can systems be improved? Which challenges has the Board decided to be immediately addressed?

Do some research by entering the answers to these questions and narrow down all the possibilities to a manageable few. This is how to learn about all the available opportunities that will provide the highest return on the investment by being most applicable to current needs.


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